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Maintaining the original ideal: that human development can sustain a viable partnership with nature.

108 Lake

108 Lake. (Photo: Jeffrey Newman).   Slide your cursor over the picture to see the lake in winter. (Photo: Mark Seilis)


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    Information from Al Richmond, Cariboo Regional District Director

  • 108 Mile Ranch (historically known as 108 Mile House) is a residential community situated in the heart of the South Cariboo region of British Columbia, surrounded by rolling hills, ranches, thousands of lakes and a wide range of recreational activities.

    Historically, en route to the great Cariboo Gold Rush, a few of the travellers settled here, carving out a place that would withstand the changes in time. For recent history, read The Grand Scheme of the Ranch.

    - Canada Day celebrations - see below
    - RCA board members and portfolios
    - Revised Watering times

    Get Connected!
    A few simple ways to get connected with the 108 community:

    1. Join the Community Association (details)
    2. Serve on the board or volunteer: phone Dan at 791-7281
    3. Join one of the service, social or recreational groups
    4. Attend community meetings and events
    5. Support our local businesses
    6. New arrival? Call Dan at 791-7281 to request a welcome package.

    Police: 911
    Ambulance: 911
    Fire: 911
    Conservation Officer: 1-877-952-7277
    Wildfires: 1-800-663-5555
        *5555 on most cell-phones

    From Al Richmond: Area G Town Hall meeting

    Good morning, I trust you are enjoying this nice fall weather but at the same time getting ready for the coming winter. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the Area G Town Hall meeting to be held this year at the 108 Community Hall between 5 & 7 pm this Thursday September 11th. We are starting the meeting earlier this year to reflect some folks concern with driving at night. Hope to see you there!!!


    Cariboo Market


    To become a voting member of the 108 Ranch Community Association, you must be a landowner or renter in 108 Mile Ranch. Members can submit resolutions, vote and serve on the RCA board of directors. Absentee landowners/members are permitted one vote per property owned.

    WHY JOIN? (click to find out)

    Membership fee - per household 1 year $10   Mail cheque to:
    108 Ranch Community Association, PO Box 85, 108 Mile Ranch BC, V0K 2Z0, with your name, mailing address, street address and phone number.
      5 years $35  
    Business membership (more info.) 1 year $40  

    Memberships fall due in October but can be initiated or renewed any time from July.


    For further information, phone Bev French at 250-791-7206

    • To receive occasional announcements of RCA information and events by e-mail, click here.
    The more members we have, the more authority the RCA has to represent your interests.


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